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I help heal from past and present unhealthy circumstances

How I Can Help

OPTION #1 Emotional Release Session

Sometimes you can have past emotions that have become trapped. These trapped emotions become stored up and eventually will start to effect your quality of life. This can show up in the way of an illness, stress, disease, anxiety, insomnia, or another type of physical aliment.

By doing Emotional Release Work you can target the emotions that are causing you current challenge and clear them for good. Depending on your personal situation and the severity of your challenge you can find relief in a single session or it might take multiple sessions.

OPTION #2 Reiki Session

Reiki is universally relaxing, calming, and grounding. Below is just a small list of benefits:

  • Aids in the healing process due to physical and mental trauma
  • Helps support mental clarity, improves memory function and enhances learning
  • Balances the Chakras & helps energy flow freely allowing the body’s healing abilities to function more effectively
  • Promotes relaxation which can help with stress management
  • Overall balances the mind and emotions.
  • Reduces anxiety & overwhelm
  • Helps with pain management

What To Expect

Emotional Release Session: I will discuss with you prior to your session (through phone or email) what challenges you are are currently experiencing. I will then go through a detailed process to determine what emotions are triggering each challenge. Once I’ve finished this process I can then work through the emotional release protocol with you at your next session.

Reiki Session: For this treatment you will be fully clothed while lying on a massage table. Sessions are 30 minutes followed by a conversation of the experience and to answer any questions.

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